To become the leading institution in Africa that offers the highest quality, academically rigorous, and industry-relevant education  for leaders, executives and staffs within the private, public, governmental and non-government sectors.


“ To help Individuals Discover and Maximize their inherent Potentials, and Boost Organizational Success through Executive and Staff Education”

Dr. Godfried Asamoah

Dr. Godfried Asamoah



“Empowering Leaders, Strengthening Institutions, Transforming Nations

Profile: Dr. Godfried Asamoah Accra, Ghana

Leadership Mentor, Consultant, Professional Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Researcher, Econometrician, Data Scientist, Financial Analyst, Political Economist, Corporate Trainer, Senior Lecturer, Spiritual Leader, Christian Apologist, Advisor, Educator, Bestselling Author, Master Teacher, Media Host/Guest

Presidents welcome message

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the TREMMBiT Executive and Staff Training (TEST) Institute and also highlight a few details about why leaders choose our programs and why you could be the next.

The TEST Institute is an affiliate Institution of the TREMMBiT Consult. The Institute was established fundamentally to fill in the gaps in knowledge and practical skills that have been created over the years by the main stream tertiary educational institutions that have rendered many graduates useless, inefficient, ineffective, and frustrated in the industry.

Our years of interaction with Students (both undergraduates and graduates), C.E.O.s of Companies, and some objective and unbiased Scholars and Academics reveals that the current curriculum, course structure and content of Programs and Courses being run in many of the Tertiary Institutions in Ghana, and in other regions of Africa, are mostly theoretical, lacking very little or no practical relevance to the industry work and job market. This has not only rendered several undergraduates and graduates unemployed but also created additional human resource development costs for organizations, as several firms and corporations need to spend millions of dollars annually, to train their staff to equip them with the practical and relevant skills needed for effective work performance and job productivity.

The TEST Institute has been established to help Students at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels, Staffs, Heads of Departments,  Directors working in various Institutions and organizations, C.E.O.s and Managing Directors of firms and corporations, and Leaders within the religious and Non-Government sectors, as well as those operating within the political landscape, particularly Members of Parliament, Ministers of State, Vice-Presidents and Presidents of Nations, to leverage the power of technology and the digital revolution, to find optimal solutions to the complex organizational problems and decision-making challenges they face, through high-quality education and practical, solutions-based training offered by some of the best Academics, most experienced Corporate Trainers, Published Researchers, and Highly-Sought-After Consultants with years of industry experience coming from Ghana and other parts of Africa.

There are several reasons why leaders coming from various fields of practice, including the business arena, non-governmental sector, and governmental landscape, choose the TEST Institute as their number one option every year.

Firstly, these leaders appreciate that organizational success is a moving target, making it very quintessential for them, irrespective of their jurisdictions of practice, to continually reassess and refresh their thinking, or risk falling out of touch. Therefore, many of our past and current students came in with a crystal-clear objective in their mind; to hone their leadership skills, deepen their business acumen, increase their managerial knowledge, improve upon their professional skills, and acquire in-depth theoretical understanding of concepts, coupled with the practical capacity to apply these theories to solving real-life industry-related organizational problems using desktop-based software or web-based applications.

The second reason why leaders turn to the TEST Institute for their executive education and staff training needs is because of our profound influence on global leadership, governance, management and digital trends, and how these impact upon organizations in developing contexts. Executives and staff coming from various disciplines of study and practice who want to take their careers, business, and leadership to the international level come to the TEST Institute to gain in-depth analysis and insight from our trainers and research fellows, exposing them to divergent perspectives across business, cultural, and geographic boundaries, while unlocking the value that comes from developing a decidedly global mindset.

The third motivation of students who enrol at the TEST Institute is the training ambience. Our training workshops are often held in ultra-modern, air-conditioned lecture halls furnished with contemporary state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technologies that enhance the quality of knowledge and information delivery, and enrich the overall student/trainee learning experience.

The fourth object of students who register with the TEST Institute is the flexible and diverse learning modes we employ. Each year, hundreds of executives coming from both the private and public sector in Africa and around the world enrol in specific programs by applying Online, Studying One-on-One, or learning in a group at the TEST Institute, to navigate change and advance their leadership at every level. Therefore, it doesn’t matter your situation; whether you have tight job schedules, you are a nursing mother, a single parent, or living thousands and millions of miles away from our Institute, we can always give you an option that is best suited to your unique needs.

This is the fifth reason why many leaders and executives choose the TEST Institute to satisfy their educational and training needs. Our Facilitators, Lecturers, and Trainers, who always bring a decidedly global mindset to the Lecture Hall, focus on unlocking the value and opportunity that comes from delving into issues across geographic and cultural boundaries, creating an inimitable, unique and matchless student educational and learning experience. In addition, our Facilitators, Lecturers and Trainers help our Student-Leaders to find practical solutions to some of their most pressing business and organizational challenges while undergoing the training. By so doing, the TEST Facilitators craft learning experiences that immerse Executives, Leaders, Staff, Managers, and Graduate Students (Master’s & Doctoral) in real-world knowledge that ultimately strengthens the institutions they work with, boosts organizational performance, and promotes national transformation

The sixth reason why several leaders choose the TEST Institute is because the learning experience we generate brings theory into practice with an industry perspective in all disciplines. Left brain meets right brain, meshing analytical with creative thinking, through dynamic, multimodal instruction that infuses business acumen with emotional intelligence. From competitive strategy simulations to high-performance teams to cross-functional learning experiences, the TEST programs are designed to challenge assumptions, expose new opportunities, and strengthen the leader within. Moreover, the TEST® programs were developed based on our recognition of the need to make empirical academic research findings easy and applicable to industry leaders and executives. By bringing together industry experts, consultants, lecturers and research fellows from various academic and professional disciplines of endeavour, the TEST® Experience brings an irreplaceable, interactive learning environment to our participants that enables them to connect academic concepts, theories and models to real-life industry scenarios and case examples.

The last, but not the least, reason why the TEST Programs are always in high demand is our teaching pedagogy. Our teaching approach relies on lecture presentations that employ advanced PowerPoint slides, coupled with case studies, simulations, and experience-based examples. This methodology helps our Student-Leaders and Trainee-Executives to gain a better understanding of whatever subject is being taught. Our coaching style also places a strong emphasis on information technology and computer science applications. Therefore, many of our Programs and Courses Offered by the Institute are accompanied by the relevant desktop-based software, web-applications, cloud computing technologies, machine learning algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence tools to create a collaborative platform and a practical, solutions-based approach to knowledge sharing and information dissemination that is pitched towards ultimately making our participants top-notch organizational performers and leaders within their respective precincts of practice, after the training experience.

I, hereby, extend the opportunity to any Graduate Student who is frustrated and doesn’t know what to do with their lives after school, the Manager who is looking to sharpen his/her administrative skills, the Leader who wants to develop his/her leadership acumen to the global level, and all and sundry who want to maximize the art and science of problem-solving and become invaluable leaders to their organizations and nations, to enrol at the TEST Institute today. I guarantee that you will receive more value for your money, and accrue a life-time transformational experience that will sling you to the next echelon of your career and leadership.

 It is my deepest desire, that you have an exceptional and enriching educational experience that will outstrip your erstwhile anticipations and cause you also, like many of our past students, not only to yearn to return and pick up and study other novel courses being run by the TEST Institute, but to also become an organizational evangelist of the Institute via convincing and attracting more students to enrol in our programs through your word-of-mouth preaching and marketing. I genially welcome you, once again, to the TEST Institute and Programs.






Encourage Mastery, Competency, Transformational Learning, Lifelong Learning, General Transfer Of Skills, Critical Thinking And Theory Application.


Has Occurred When The Student Has To Apply Theories / Concepts And Tools To Solve Personal, Organizational, And Societal Problems

Goal Of Student

Increase In Knowledge, Positive Change In Attitude Improvement In Self-Image, Self-Concept And Abilities

Teaching Method

Case Studies, Individual Work, Simulations, Interactive Lectures, Take Home Assignments, Individual / Supervised Research And SOFTWARE APPLICATION

Teacher-Student Interaction

Frequent Cordial Two-Way Mutual Respect.

Student Assessments

Take-Home Assignments/Examinations. Research Assignments. Publications. Presentations

Instructors Professional Growth

Self Study. Research Publication. Student Feedbacks